_2 Duplex“Following the installation of the IFW AC cable and your duplex AC wall outlet (in which I had no confidence, thinking the idea totally wacky), I can only bow down and sincerely thank you…. I cannot believe the precision of the bass and the opening up of the midrange! I will not fail to promote the merits of the BIS products, while waiting to treat myself to the MAESTRO range …” M.L. Eng.


The basic BIS model is CRYOgenized for a real better performance.

The new WATTGATE 381 EVO AU  is finally available and offers a greater performance than the original one   (the  Wattgate 381)

Ultimate tuning of your AC electrical supply :

Wattgate 381 EVO AU and BIS electrical wall duplex, as used in the making of the PowerBIS and MAESTRO EVO PowerBIS. Available individually to replace any standard wall-mounted unit.

Both serve beautifully audiophile needs, enhancing the final performance of your gears.