The AC power cable serves a vital function: it transports electrical current to the power supply of your components.

We live in a world in which more and more of our devices (pagers, cell phones, etc…) transmit electrical waves, and advances in technology are creating more wireless equipment all the time.

To a lesser or greater degree, depending on the location, the electricity network is overrun by all types of interference that pollute the supply of electricity to your components and consequently, affect the final result.

Most of the power cords provided by manufacturers are of courtesy quality only and in no way safeguard your equipment from the pernicious effects of AM/FM band waves, radio frequencies and all other electromagnetic interference.

A superior quality AC cable ensures the best possible flow of electrical current (energy) from the wall outlet to the component, thus allowing a better delivery from the component’s power supply to all the electronic circuits.

How big a difference can a good quality AC power cable make? Imagine your car powered by a turbo engine.

Here are a few instances when an AC cable can really make a difference:

  • In the case of CD/DVD players or any other machines using digital technology, AC cables can eliminate radio frequencies and electromagnetic waves that have a particularly detrimental effect on the analogue/digital converters.
  • from the wall outlet to the power bar or line conditioner,
  • from the wall outlet to the TV screen or video monitor; the result is less «noise», more contrast, improved definition and better colour saturation.
  • Sub-woofer: basses that are better articulated , more nimble and without drag.