This is what they said… (Customer Reviews)

Just a quick note to let you know that I plugged in the two new cables, AC-20WG on my DAC player and AC-MAESTRO II on my preamp, and I am amazed how positive there is on my system. What strikes me is the precision of the low frequencies which widen even more than before. There is a feeling that everything is more present and that the music is closer to me. The stereo image is breathtaking. In short, I am very impressed. And to think that they are in break-in !!


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Love all my BIS cables. Purchased through Mike at Absolute Sound Chatham.


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Bernard, I use several of the cables and my latest purchase was the “Expression” phono cable and I cannot believe the difference in all aspects of music. I purchased my system through Mike at “Absolute Sound” and know how much he admires you. Thanks again for your awesome products


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Oh boy… These cables… Wow. I mean… I’m stunned.  I’m not sure how I can’t buy all these after hearing what I’m hearing.  I can’t even imagine how much better it would sound if I added a sub AC cable and RCA to the mix…

The warm Vivats compliment my neutral/clinical sounding Arcam 550 and 2M Black.  But holy smokes the detail these cables are pulling out of the music, it’s like I’ve got a whole new system…

I’m not sure how I’m gunna do it but I don’t think I can downgrade from these…


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The cable arrived today in excellent condition. Up to the usual high build quality which is why all my systems are held together with BIS cables. Scott at Simcoe Sound is sending me a pair of Expression RCA’s to try with my Bryston BLP-1 / Rega IOS analogue setup. Very much looking forward to their arrival.


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Really impressed; I was totally skeptical about the improvement achievable via power cables and thought it was all snake oil. Well, i own your AC cables and I’m a believer now! Even if I still don’t understand the science…


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What a difference BIS makes, I am a believer. I will never buy anything else.


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DIGITAL RCA VIVAT are more “matter of fact”. More dynamic, more resolving, no “output transformer effect”, no emphasis on midrange at the expense of other frequencies.

… I’m adjusting to this more neutral cable while breaking it in. It seems to grow on me.

The run-of-the-mill cable sounded like Salvatore Accardo is playing from a closet using a miniature violin as opposed to life-sized-stradivarius in an open hall, as it sounded with the Vivat…

So much more spatial information retrieval, so much air and space between the instruments, without sounding lean.

System never sounded better.


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VIVAT RCA cables and they are in the system, between my phono stage and pre-amp, breaking in.

Right from the start, they have sounded very promising.

Clear, natural, smooth, extended and dynamic.

Was just listening to Mozart’s violin concertos.

This cable is absolutely amazing.

Like rejuvenating my system.

After more burning in, these cables improved even more.

To all the clarity, extension and dynamics they had, a nice fuller body developed as well.

More meat on the bones, so to speak, which makes them sexier without being overly colored.

Like a little makeup on a beautiful girl:-)


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Received your order. Thank you! Just wanted to say that as usual product and packaging was impeccable! Our customer was in awe!

You can tell that the product is manufactured by people who care and are passionate about what they do! Bravo!

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Review of VIVAT RCA interconnect:

I needed an excellent quality interconnect from my pre-amp to my power amp. In my usual fashion I did A LOT of research and came across the BIS Audio RCA VIVAT. I decided based on my research that these were the ones…on first listen…wow! A very obvious sonic difference…improvement from the get go. What I loved most right off the bat was the neutrality of the cable without any colouring I had noticed with other cables. I am roughly 70 hours into the break in period and the sound just gets better and better. Much improved sonic detailing and the stereo imaging is fantastic! The ‘rough edges’ appear to have been smoothed over and there is really no listening fatigue at all!

The passion and quality of their cables not only shine through in their products but also in talking to the BIS audio team. You can tell they love music and have a passion in optimizing your listening experience!

Well done BIS! I think it’s time for another vivat! Keep up the excellent work!

T. M.

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My initial impressions have been very positive to all of your products. I conducted my first round of cable comparisons with BIS speaker cables. I started at the top with the Vivat’s. I compared them to Cardas Clear Light ($1,400 retail 2.5m). A cable I know and like quite a bit. I won’t bore you with the details, needless to say it wasn’t even a close comparison. The Vivat’s were sonically superior in every possible way.

Keep up the good work!

S. C.

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Wanted to share my perception of the Vivat in comparison with the BIS Maestro speaker cables:

Right off the bat, without any breaking in, the BIS Vivat is more impactful/more dynamic cable, it has more detail, which translates to better separation and better front to back stage’s depth and 3D and it does all of that without sounding tinny or edgy. In fact it is fuller sounding than the Maestro and slightly smoother yet.

It is slightly more neutral too. It will be insteresting to see how it evolves with break in.

One more advantage of using the Vivat is the fact that I could have replaced my AU24E Speaker Level SUB cables to the Maestro speaker cables which extended the bass even more and made it more articulated/better controlled.

Very good cables, as usual.

D. O.

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The combination of VIVAT speaker cables with the Maestro jumpers on a Naim Superuniti and Harbeth Super HL5 was a revelation compared to a well-known competitive cable. Better in every area : definition, timbre, imaging, depth and communion with the artist.

At the same volume, they let more music through. I’m an avid bass lover, and here everything just became deeper, faster and more layered.

BIS Audio – if they weren’t there already – have just entered the major leagues.

J. D.

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A customer tells us:

“Most of us have watched a favourite movie many times over, from the comfort of a favourite chair. You know the movie so well that nothing comes as a surprise.

I recently hooked up my home theatre system with BIS cables and a Power BIS

You can imagine my astonishment when my dog jumped up from his warm spot to go bark at the front door of the house when he heard the doorbell announcing a visitor…. in the movie! He’d never done that before… ”

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First, I would like to use this opportunity to give you big compliments for your cables. After endless trial and errors with other cables, My SET/Analogue based system is fully wired with your cables and they bring color (in a positive way) and vividness to the sound. In my system and some friends’ systems, your cables are very transparent but also very musical (Have a touch of warmth, very good decay, very smooth sweet and liquid). They have what I call: “The tube glow”.

I also wanted to say that I agree with you 100% re the fact that cables are absolutely a matching game and not the most expensive product will work in one’s system.


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I am very happy with the BIS cables. The ultimate compliment was when my better half actually stopped when walking by the room when I was testing everything, walked in and said it sounded much better now.

So I am a happy customer.


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Even though it is not a balanced cable,the BIS Expression interconnect has three copper conductors in each cable. The two conductors that carry the signal are arranged in a pair of inverse spirals. The third conductor is a shield. This high quality cable is terminated with Eichmann’s excellent Bullet Plug. The fit and finish bespeak of the care that Bernard Brien takes with his creations.

The overall voice of the Expression is neutral. The Expression allows the end-user to clearly listen into the world of music, as it would be heard in a live performance. The music is not presented behind a film of gauze or under a glowing harsh white light. It is set forth as the musician intended.The Expression’s strengths are its solid resolution at mid and low frequencies, the smoothness in the high frequency domain and its handling of space/time elements. Bass response is smooth and extended but may be heard as having a slightly euphonic bloom. In short the BIS cable allows the listener to hear the music as a true expression of the musician’s art. After auditioning these wonderful cables I replaced the Cardas Golden Reference cables in my system between my phono preamplifier and my preamplifier and my Moon Nova compact disc player.

Jim Hickey, New Sounds Audio

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I have had the opportunity to audition several high end speaker cables and interconnects in my home system over the last few years. My personal preference is to find equipment that will allow the true recording to reveal itself uncoloured. I want to experience what I love about live music. BIS interconnects, digital interconnects and speaker cables have provided my system with the most improvement not only for the value of the products but in the improvement of the music compared to any other component upgrade. I have tested BIS products in entry level, mid level and high end systems and the results are equally impressive in all cases. Against the top name brand cables on the market I personally have heard how much BIS is superior.

If this recommendation seems a bit over the top it is only due to the reality of the quality of the product. To be fair, I did have a concern with one product I auditioned however Bernard was very open to my evaluation and observations and never criticized my system or opinion. He provided me with a different set of cables for audition that were outstanding. In the real world not all things are perfect but the personal service and products from BIS are all I could ask for from a supplier.


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Dear Sir;

I won a pair of your Copper RCA interconnects as a door prize at the inaugural meeting of the Toronto Area Audio Society on Nov.26/06. As I arrived home I replaced my Cardas Twinlink/Eichman cables on my Magnum Dynalab Etude with your cables. They are going to stay there and I will be replacing the rest of my cables as soon as possible.


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As time passed with the cables, the whole system gained in what I call « reality level ». The bass instruments, tuba, cello, double bass gained in bounces and roundness, the voices where more human and rich, and the treble instruments more present and lively. The sound of guitars violins and mandolins sounded whole, we could now hear the body of the instruments vibrate, not only the strings. Little details that went unnoticed like the pluck of a string, the click of saxophone keys, now were present to give a level of realism unparalleled before. No way was I going back to my original interconnects.

Then I read about power cables for CD players, I thought why not try one.

I realized that I have been missing part of the music. With this new cable, the speakers disappeared and the music was suspended in the space between the speakers, each instrument having its own position, on certain records the instruments seemed to have a shape in the space, quite eerie and extraordinary. I can also say that besides creating this musical image of the instruments, the tonal balance of the instruments was improved.

I tried the power cord on the amplifier. On the bass instruments, it seems that the bass range of the speaker increased. The best improvement though was that the sound became much wider and deeper, the image of the instruments that appeared with the interconnects cables had a dimension in depth from back to front, an unexpected surprise.

Thank you for releasing all the magic that was locked inside my electronic components, I am rediscovering all the music I have accumulated over the years, and relish on the one I have yet to discover.”

M. M.