• 6 or 8 receptacles CRYO.
  • IEC socket for a removable power cord, either on top or at the end of the PowerBIS CRYO (To be specified when ordering)
  • Built-in mounting feet at both ends

Designed around 3 main criterias:

  • High conductivity
  • Mechanical sturdiness for long term use
  • Neutral sounding

Truthfull to the BIS philosophy of choosing the best available material, we have tested many electrical duplex. The one we use is definitely superior in many points to the renowned “Hospital Grade” and much better adapted to audio & home theater requirements.

Through higher quality material, this CRYO duplex offers sturdiness, greater heat resistance plus contact stability. High quality electrical contacts will remain tight. The bypass contact is made of high-conductivity materials for increased contact force and secured connections, reducing heat build-up and insuring uninterrupted flow of power.

In order to get maximum control on mechanical resonances, we line the PowerBIS CRYO with an asphalt-base dampening material. As a result, there will be less vibrations on the electrical contacts and casing. Therefore, if you connect a small power supply with a transformer, no vibrations will be transmitted to the PowerBIS.

To prevent the “crackling” phenomenon on the power lines produced for example by household appliances or electrical tools, we’ve added a PARALLEL circuit which does not limit in any way the available amperage or the speed. The internal connections between the IEC plug and the sockets remain perfectly in direct line, without any obstruction.

The Furutech IEC NEW GENERATION gold plated copper socket on the PowerBIS CRYO is tailored to accept the number 10 copper internal wiring we use and improve greatly the performance of the bar compared to the previous model.

You can use any BIS AC cord of your choice on the PowerBis CRYO. Through very meticulous tests, we found that this power bar is totally neutral. Therefore, the sonic characteristics of your system, be it the electronics or the cabling, will not be affected.

Those same tests also showed that the PowerBis CRYO transmits the electrical signal as directly as a wall connection. First class quality components, no on/off switch, no pilot lamp, no filter to kill the sonic dynamic. Top it off with either a BIS AC-20 or AC-20WG cable to benefit from maximal protection against RF and EMI.

In order to complete your own audio & home theater installation, PowerBIS duplex are also available separately at your dealer to replace the standard in-wall duplex.