Even if a superior quality AC power cable doesn’t carry the audio/video signal, a quick comparison with any other AC cable confirms without a doubt its advantages: improved dynamics, impact and separation of instruments, impressive imaging and definition.

Historically, audiophiles discovered the importance of wiring when setting-up their loud speakers.

In the early 1970s, larger gauge, better quality wiring was used with a lot of success. Admittedly, it isn’t difficult to improve on 16 gauge lamp cord. In time, wiring became more sophisticated.

After awhile, the same thinking was applied to interconnects with the same positive results: fine detailing, image depth and less harshness.

The outcome of this approach is fairly easy to predict because the video and audio signal travel directly through these cables.

One could think that the use of AC power cables wouldn’t directly affect the end result, whether it be sound or the visual image. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The name says it all: « Power Cable »…

We want to eat well to be healthy and full of energy. We would never put poor quality gas into our cars. So why be satisfied with the mediocre power cables provided with the components that only meet the minimum standards of the electrical code, that is to say, just good enough to be safe?

An efficient AC power cable serves two functions:

  1. To bring to your component AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE all the electrical current it will require to function optimally;
  2. Because of its shielding, the cable is impermeable to interference and does not produce by itself any unwanted parasitical noise which could pollute the efficiency of the other cables or the components themselves.

A quick audio comparison will convince you of the relevance of a good AC cable…

Take the time to do a comparative audio test using the same piece of music and notice the difference in dynamics, speed of attack and the length of sound decay (end of notes)….

Certain clients that are already using good quality interconnects and loud speaker cables complain about the harshness of digital sound but would still like to have greater image definition.

The only way to have both is to clean the electrical current with shielded AC cables, a superior quality power bar and a wall socket of greater mechanical and electrical yield.

Result: the internal power circuitry of your components can finally perform to their full potential…
Greater detail without listener fatigue, warmer sound and a more articulated and cleaner bass.

The same goes for the visual medium: projectors, plasma and LED screens. You will notice a significant improvement in definition, cleaner contours, better colour saturation and less «noise» on the screen.

To conclude, in order to push the potential of your system to its limit, high quality AC power equipement should be given top priority.

A basic set-up for all audio/home theatres should include an in-wall duplex receptacle adapted to audio/home theatre systems, anAC 20 or AC 20 WG BIS power cable, and a Power BIS (power bar).

A stable building is always built on an adequate foundation. If you start with a good AC power supply, from the wall socket to the system and on each component, you can then be more discriminating when choosing interconnects and loudspeaker cables.