RCAEXP-DSCN0629“On recordings with a lot happening, with a great many voices and instruments, the BIS Expression really shows off its mettle.” UFH dec. 2009 # 88

More speed and air between instruments, along with voices that sound more natural, bringing us closer to the personality of the RCA Maestro. 

The MINI MAESTRO !  Our philosophy has always been to produce a logical sonic progression through the range of BIS products, however, we avoid needlessly multiplying the number of models. The RCA EXPRESSION takes it’s rightful place within this philosophy, and achieves a new level of performance at it’s price point relative to our other RCA interconnect models.

Very high-quality OFC copper of low capacitance. Reversed spiral geometry which provides good rejection of radio frequencies and electromagnetic noise. ETI LINK COPPER connectors.

Standard length: 1 meter or special order on request.

Ordered with a ground cable it will be a great addition to your turntable.

“The overall voice of the Expression is neutral. The Expression allows the end-user to clearly listen into the world of music, as it would be heard in a live performance. The music is not presented behind a film of gauze or under a glowing harsh white light. It is set forth as the musician intended.The Expression’s strengths are its solid resolution at mid and low frequencies, the smoothness in the high frequency domain and its handling of space/time elements…  In short the BIS cable allows the listener to hear the music as a true expression of the musician’s art. ”  J.H.

Sébastien Deshaies, musicien, utilise les Câbles BIS pour la production de ses enregistrements.  Dans ce premier épisode video, produit entièrement de son initiative personnelle, il partage avec vous son appréciation des résultats obtenus. Lien Youtube

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2015 Recommended Components Fall Edition

Components listed here have been formally reviewed in Stereophile and have been found to be among the best available in each of four or five quality classes. Whether a component is listed in Class A or Class E, we highly recommend its purchase. LINK

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A report by Art Dudley from Stereophile Magazine on the Expression interconnect from Canadian manufacturer BIS Audio • PDF