MAESTRO – Speaker Cables

MaestroThe BIS Maestro philosophy: Striking realism. Total neutrality.

Any frequency free of agressitivity. The «equipment feeling» completely disappears in favour of music. Reveals details never heard from your favorite music pieces.

“On the track “The Long Ships, I was in for a shock: the deep electronic bass blows were like cannons, visceral and vibrating the whole house… and that’s what made ​​me realize, finally, the resolving power and extreme bandwidth of the Maestro speaker cables. Stated simply, they just disappear and let all of the music through...“A.L.

IMG_0911Connectors: Oyaide bananas

Hybrid copper/silver multistrand cable.

Significant detail: Ultra thin cable mounted, easy to integrate in any audiophile environment. (Easy to hide in your decor.)

3 Versions :   Simple Version -  Double ou Triple Endings  -  «Shot Gun» bi-wired.