ACCESS – Speaker Cables

HP-AccesThe best quality-to-price ratio in the industry for entry-level speaker cables.

IMG_0941Connectors :  Deltron Banana plugs

Gauge #12, OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) cable

2 Versions:  Standard or bi-wired in one cable.

TYPE 3 – Bi-wire


4 conductors in one cable.

Connectors Oyaide banana plugs at speaker end.
45 degre WBT connectors at amplifier end.

High density OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), high definition, multi strand wire .

IMG_0940Its geometry yields a spectacular performance that is not compromised by long runs of cables.

Bi-wired only.

MAESTRO – Speaker Cables

MaestroThe BIS Maestro philosophy: Striking realism. Total neutrality.

Any frequency free of agressitivity. The «equipment feeling» completely disappears in favour of music. Reveals details never heard from your favorite music pieces.

“On the track “The Long Ships, I was in for a shock: the deep electronic bass blows were like cannons, visceral and vibrating the whole house… and that’s what made ​​me realize, finally, the resolving power and extreme bandwidth of the Maestro speaker cables. Stated simply, they just disappear and let all of the music through...“A.L.

IMG_0911Connectors: Oyaide bananas

Hybrid copper/silver multistrand cable.

Significant detail: Ultra thin cable mounted, easy to integrate in any audiophile environment. (Easy to hide in your decor.)

3 Versions :   Simple Version -  Double ou Triple Endings  -  «Shot Gun» bi-wired.




VIVAT – Speaker Cables

No gadgets, unpretentious… just simple respect of the fundamental laws of signal transmission.

The ideal mass to size ratio.  Speaker cables made with very high purity oxygen free copper.

Each strand is silver plated, twisted, then coated again with silver. 10-gauge,  Teflon insulation.


IMG_0911Extremely wide linear bandwidth. Everything we’ve learned with the Maestro speaker cable has been applied in the VIVAT, but with even better performing materials.

“They once again showed their talent at completely disappearing and letting the music through without compromising the rhythmicity of the Naim UnitiLite.”  Son & Image Magazine

…  Nothing is left to get in the way of pure music.


The combination of VIVAT speaker cables with the Maestro jumpers on a Naim Superuniti and Harbeth Super HL5 was a revelation compared to a well-known competitive cable. Better in every area : definition, timbre, imaging, depth and communion with the artist.

At the same volume, they let more music through. I’m an avid bass lover, and here everything just became deeper, faster and more layered.

 BIS Audio – if they weren’t there already – have just entered the major leagues.

Connectors bananas Oyaide

3 versions :  Standard version  -  Double or Triple endings  -  “Shot gun” bi-wire.




DSCN0578[1]Theses endings eliminate the jumper link between the low-frequency and high-frequency terminals on your speakers.

This link is usually made ​​of low-quality materials (e.g., brass) which can impart an aggressive sound.

IMG_0940Available on TYPE 1, MAESTRO & VIVAT Speaker cables.

Triple endings not available on Type 1