Access-BalanceAn entry-level price, but a marked lift in system performance that even skeptics will notice.

XLR NEUTRIK® connectors.

OFC (Oxygen free copper) cable.

Standard length: 1 meter or special order on request.



More detail, improved presence… and no listening fatigue.

Outstanding performance to price ratio.

High density OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), high definition wire.

XLR NEUTRIK™ connectors.

Standard length: 1 meter or special order on request.


DSCN0582After many years in production, the Balanced Silver cable makes way for the new BIS Balanced Expression interconnect cable.

This interconnect shares the same lineage as the RCA Expression, showing the versatility and same neutrality as its RCA counterpart. It is suitable as much for midrange systems as for very high-end installations.

After careful evaluation, we chose Neutrik connectors for their consistent mechanical quality and reproachless functionality.

Very high quality OFC Copper Cable built to protect against radio-frequencies and electro-magnetic interferences.


XLR NEUTRIK™ connectors.

Standard length: 1 meter or special order on request.

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2015 Recommended Components Fall Edition

Components listed here have been formally reviewed in Stereophile and have been found to be among the best available in each of four or five quality classes. Whether a component is listed in Class A or Class E, we highly recommend its purchase. LIEN

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A report by Art Dudley from Stereophile Magazine on the Expression interconnect from Canadian manufacturer BIS Audio • PDF




“If you are looking for balanced XLR cables that offer incredible definition, beautiful transparency and flawless tone, I suggest trying the BIS Audio Maestro, because they will offer you the opportunity to hear your music like never before.” Son & Image Magazine, Volume 14, No. 6

New technology: Neutrik multi-contact XLR connectors.

Super dynamic high density OFC wire.  Super wide frequency range.

Permits super long run without performance loss.

Standard length: 1 meter or special on request.



All the parameters that define great sound, when using the XLR Maestro, are greatly enhansed with this new cable.

Neutrik multipoint Connectors.

Exclusive multi-strain matérial, Copper 99.9%, Silver plated, Teflon insulated.

“Et selon notre premier client, c’est juste “Wow et re-wow”.

(And as per our first customer, this cable is just “Wow et wow again”.

BIS Audio Vivat Balanced XLR Interconnect Cable Review (NOVO Magazine) LINK

SÉBASTIEN DESHAIES, musician (classical guitar, violin), audiophile and music producer, shares his appreciation of the BIS, Balanced (xlr) VIVAT and BIS USB 2.0 cables, based on some of his reference musical pieces.  LINK (French)