It stands out for its remarkable performance and great quality/price performance ratio.

The model chosen from very precise criteria is made of very fine quality copper. The shielding is tight and very effective.

The ideal length, both from a practical and performance point of view, is 1.5 m.

Offering only one length allows us a more functional inventory and a more affordable price.

This cable has been tested on several different mid-to-high-end systems and successfully compared to several other much more expensive brands. Like all BIS products, it supports succesfully the comparison.

 ”This cable is the one that manages to engage me the most with music …
Its great strength is the separation of voices and instruments in the soundstage.
There is more solidity in the voices; we better feel the physical presence of the musicians …
Very well balanced. ” Jan Deadman

• • •

SÉBASTIEN DESHAIES, musician (classical guitar, violin), audiophile and music producer, shares his appreciation of the BIS, Balanced (xlr) VIVAT and BIS USB 2.0 cables, based on some of his reference musical pieces. (French)

• • •

“… spent hours listening to it and comparing it to a competing cable of the same price. Every time we listened to it, the Bis came out the winner. The stereophonic image was better, especially in its stability. The voices were warmer and better defined. The bass was more hollow and the transients were faster. The silences were also better rendered giving a rhythm more appropriate to the music.”  B.D. & G.R.