SUBCU-DSCN0658A true member of the family, the magnificent RCA Copper 2S subwoofer interconnect defines bass so precisely… You won’t believe your ears!

OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) cable, high density, silver coated. Double shield.

ETI (Eichmann) BULLET PLUG® Copper.

Standard length: 1 meter or special order on request.


“I often had the impression that the subs were playing the same note and that they lacked definition… but before changing my subs, I thought I would try changing the audio interconnects. WOW… With these cable, I seriously had the impression of moving from $300 subs to $3000 models… More gain, better dynamics and most importantly, better definition and note resolution in the deep bass… and absolutely incisive mid-bass.

The blending of subwoofer bass with the stereo speakers is clearly improved. Overall reproduction from the system, whether in stereo or ambiophonic, is simply superb. I have never experienced a cable or an accessory that made such a difference to my system. Even if you’re hard of hearing, you’ll notice the difference.” C. L.