RECOMMENDATIONS – (2 families of BIS AC cables versus different types of electronics)

We suggest you replace your standard IN-WALL DUPLEX RECEPTACLE with a duplex of greater mechanical and electrical yield, especially adapted for home theatre and audio systems.

These duplexes, used in the manufacture of the , are available at all retailers.

When installing the in-wall duplex receptacle, please pay attention to the polarity of the electrical connection.

For about 10 dollars, you can get yourself a circuit tester in any hardware store. The circuit tester looks like an ordinary electrical plug fitted with three LED (diodes) of different colours that, when plugged in to the wall, will indicate the state of the electrical connection.

The use of the allows the distribution of the current to the components without any loss, by eliminating crackling and other small noises on the electrical line.

Which BIS AC cable is the right one for you?


  • Without Integrated DAC
    • Stereo Receiver
    • Home Theater Receiver
    • Integrated Amplifier
    • Pre-amplifier
  • Power Amplifier
  • Mono blocs
  • Sub-woofer
  • Flat screens * Wall-mounted set-up
  • Multi zone controler

AC 20  -  AC 20 WG

  • With Integrated DAC
    • Stereo Receiver
    • Home Theater Receiver
    • Integrated Amplifier
    • Pre-amplifier
  • PowerBIS  (power bar)
  • High amperage Power Amplifier
  • Sources :
    •       CD Player
    •       Digital Analog Converter
    •       DVD Player
  • Exact audio copy on hard disk
    • Desktop computer



power-bis-AC_20Here are four essential links pertaining to AC power and your audio system:

  1. The importance of the AC electrical supply
  2. Why buy a good quality AC power cable?
  3. AC recommendations (2 families of BIS AC  cables  versus different types of electronics)



To promote the adequate use of the PowerBIS, we offer a discount when the PowerBIS and a BIS AC cable are bought together.

Conditions :

  • Applicable to 6 or 8 outlet PowerBIS.
  • AC20 & AC20WG are the only BIS AC cables concerned by this offer .
  • PowerBIS & Ac cables ordered together only.

Please see your BIS Specialist for retail price list.



The ideal complement to the Access entry-level line of products.AC2

An essential step to releasing the undiscovered potential of your system.

Three layer shield.

Protection against radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference.

Standard length : 1,8 meter or special order on request

Applications:  Amplification, sub-woofer, flat screens and multi-room control equipment.

Ideal addition to Access entry level of  BIS cables.


With its structure as flexible as the AC 20, it performs even better than the AC-IFW: treble is sweeter and detailed, voices are more realistic and bass is better defined.

Shielding and double circuit grounding.

Optimal elimination of radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference.

Standard length : 1,8 meter or special order on request

Applications : amplification section that contains no built-in DAC ; it is also well suited for subs, flat screens and multi-room control equipment.

“… it is clear that the AC-AMP cable brings clear gains over its predecessor. The IFW version was already a big step forward compared to stock power cables, but this new version allows the amplifier to express even more finesse and subtlety, for a greater appreciation of music. The most telling indicator though of the quality of an audio accessory is its ability to inspire long listening sessions. On this aspect, the AC-AMP is a resounding success.  Son & Image Magazine  PDF

Sébastien Deshaies, musicien, utilise les Câbles BIS pour la production de ses enregistrements.  Dans ce premier épisode video, produit entièrement de son initiative personnelle, il partage avec vous son appréciation des résultats obtenus. Lien Youtube


AC Maestro II copyBIS Audio presents the new AC Maestro II in replacement of the previous AC Maestro put in service 10 years ago.

Why this new AC Maestro II ?  Because we have found a more flexible material, a new geometry providing an even better performance… for the same price.

All you amplification gears finally able to give their best, without limits.

OCC Copper cable, silver plated, cryogenized.

Double circuit ground for optimal noise reduction.

Wattgate connectors

Standard length : 1,8 meter or special order on request

Applications:  Amplification, sub-woofer, flat screens and multi-room control equipment.

TED Magazine tested the new AC Maestro II

AC20 – AC20WG


AC20WGwattgateSources such as CD, DVD, Bluray players, DACs, projectors and HD (Illico) terminals, integrated amps and pre-amps equipped with an integrated DAC benefit particularly from the addition of the AC20 and AC20WG power cords

Ideal match for PowerBIS and Maestro PowerBIS  (power bars).

AC 20:   Marinco Connectors

AC 20 WG:   Wattgate Audio Grade Connectors

Protection against radio-frequency and other electromagnetic fields.

Standard length : 1,8 meter or special order on request

Other applications:

    • Digital/analog convertors
    • High-current audio and home-cinema components
    • Exact audio copy on hard drive.
    • Projectors

AC 20 :

“Highly VISIBLE RESULTS: The picture on my new Epson Full HD THX projector is exquisite!” C.L.

Sébastien Deshaies, musicien, utilise les Câbles BIS pour la production de ses enregistrements.  Dans ce premier épisode video, produit entièrement de son initiative personnelle, il partage avec vous son appréciation des résultats obtenus. Lien Youtube


A flexible cable fitted with a 90°, ultra-thin AC connector (11/16 inch or 17,5 mm thick).

These ultra-thin connectors do not exist by themselves on the market. It is only available in cable assembly version (molded on a cable). Although these cables do not have a good reputation, the one we present here is different :

We have choosen a reliable american manufacturer who uses some very high quality OFC cable, shielded, with a drain. And we finish the assembly in our own facilities with a small/high quality IEC connector at the other end. The final result is an elegant and high-performance cable.

We have made many tests and we can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that the BIS AC SPACE SAVER will optimize any gear’s performance.

We recommend it especially for limited spaces and for wallmounted flat screens with the AC walloutlet placed directly behind the screen.

Available lengths: 1 meter, 2 meters & 3 meters.


Adaptateurs AC

Polarized – Type C7P ( Left )
Non-Polarized – Type C7 ( Center )

High-quality CRYO AC adapter plugs that will allow you to use audiophile quality AC cords even if you have the other kind of 2 prongs socket on your equipment.

Available in 4 versions:

  • Polarized – Type C7
  • Non-polarized – Type C7P
  • 3 pins – Rasor type C5 to IEC C13
  • Burn-in adaptors that will allow you to use a domestic appliance as a burn-in device while you are away or when your audio-video system is not in use.


  • Special---AC-&-IECStandard rotating 90 degree IEC conectors
  • 90 degree U Ground conectors

IMPORTANT :  The customer must provide an illustration of the desired position relative to the wall duplex or IEC connector of the audio or video component.




  • 6 or 8 receptacles CRYO.
  • IEC socket for a removable power cord, either on top or at the end of the PowerBIS CRYO (To be specified when ordering)
  • Built-in mounting feet at both ends

Designed around 3 main criterias:

  • High conductivity
  • Mechanical sturdiness for long term use
  • Neutral sounding

Truthfull to the BIS philosophy of choosing the best available material, we have tested many electrical duplex. The one we use is definitely superior in many points to the renowned “Hospital Grade” and much better adapted to audio & home theater requirements.

Through higher quality material, this CRYO duplex offers sturdiness, greater heat resistance plus contact stability. High quality electrical contacts will remain tight. The bypass contact is made of high-conductivity materials for increased contact force and secured connections, reducing heat build-up and insuring uninterrupted flow of power.

In order to get maximum control on mechanical resonances, we line the PowerBIS CRYO with an asphalt-base dampening material. As a result, there will be less vibrations on the electrical contacts and casing. Therefore, if you connect a small power supply with a transformer, no vibrations will be transmitted to the PowerBIS.

To prevent the “crackling” phenomenon on the power lines produced for example by household appliances or electrical tools, we’ve added a PARALLEL circuit which does not limit in any way the available amperage or the speed. The internal connections between the IEC plug and the sockets remain perfectly in direct line, without any obstruction.

The Furutech IEC NEW GENERATION gold plated copper socket on the PowerBIS CRYO is tailored to accept the number 10 copper internal wiring we use and improve greatly the performance of the bar compared to the previous model.

You can use any BIS AC cord of your choice on the PowerBis CRYO. Through very meticulous tests, we found that this power bar is totally neutral. Therefore, the sonic characteristics of your system, be it the electronics or the cabling, will not be affected.

Those same tests also showed that the PowerBis CRYO transmits the electrical signal as directly as a wall connection. First class quality components, no on/off switch, no pilot lamp, no filter to kill the sonic dynamic. Top it off with either a BIS AC-20 or AC-20WG cable to benefit from maximal protection against RF and EMI.

In order to complete your own audio & home theater installation, PowerBIS duplex are also available separately at your dealer to replace the standard in-wall duplex.