With its structure as flexible as the AC 20, it performs even better than the AC-IFW: treble is sweeter and detailed, voices are more realistic and bass is better defined.

Shielding and double circuit grounding.

Optimal elimination of radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference.

Standard length : 1,8 meter or special order on request

Applications : amplification section that contains no built-in DAC ; it is also well suited for subs, flat screens and multi-room control equipment.

“… it is clear that the AC-AMP cable brings clear gains over its predecessor. The IFW version was already a big step forward compared to stock power cables, but this new version allows the amplifier to express even more finesse and subtlety, for a greater appreciation of music. The most telling indicator though of the quality of an audio accessory is its ability to inspire long listening sessions. On this aspect, the AC-AMP is a resounding success.  Son & Image Magazine  PDF

Sébastien Deshaies, musicien, utilise les Câbles BIS pour la production de ses enregistrements.  Dans ce premier épisode video, produit entièrement de son initiative personnelle, il partage avec vous son appréciation des résultats obtenus. Lien Youtube