About BIS


All BIS Audio cables, interconnects and AC power supply products are built by hand following strict assembly standards.

All the connectors and different types of wiring are chosen from the best products on the international market and are combined with only one criteria in mind: the best sound and visual performance possible.

Fil montage Image_1Special attention is given to the choice of soldering material and the liberal use of thermo-shrinking tube assures an unrivalled insulation of the contacts and improved strength of the cable.

As well, after assembly, each cable is individually and instrumentally tested in order to maintain the highest degree of quality control.

The objective is to release the maximum performance from each component for an optimal transmission of the audio or visual signal… without any coloration.

We test each product on a wide variety of different brands of electronic components prior to commercial release, with much of the testing conducted blind.

Within each family of BIS products we strive to keep things simple.

No redundancy. From one model to another, the difference in performance is obvious.

As our slogan states, our objective is to offer you a superior level of performance to competing products in the same price range ; feedback from many satisfied customers back this up (“This is what they said”).



DI bullet 2 copyThe BIS Audio approach is very simple.

Using, as a starting point, the fundamental laws of physics governing the transmission of electrical current, we have developed a streamlined, no-nonsense design, using elements that adhere to this same principle.

No useless bells and whistles. Just the pure and simple efficiency of leading edge technology.

Even our packaging follows this principle… nothing expensive, flashy or unnecessary .

But we think that you should judge for yourself. Try our cables… Your retailer will gladly lend you the model of your choice.



At BIS Audio, we remain in close contact with our retailers and sales representatives. Consequently, special orders can be filled quickly at a reasonable price.

Unusual lengths, non-standard connectors, specialized uses: just ask your BIS expert.

Should any manufacturing defect occur, BIS AUDIO inc. will replace the product free of charge through your retailer.

Any attempt to dismantle the product will automatically void the warranty.


Bis Audio Inc. is represented in several areas by retailers whose role is to guide you through our line of products. Their showrooms and “demos” are at your disposal to enable you to make the necessary comparisons. Your BIS Specialists

BISAUDIO.COM is not a site where you can buy-on-line, but an information site on our line of cables and the basic theories which are attached to it. It is up to the retailer to inform the customers about the suggested price list. For this reason, like the majority of the manufacturers represented by retailers, we do not post our price list on our web site.

If you live in an area where we do not have a retailer or if you wish to contact us directly for particular technical information, we will answer your questions with pleasure, preferably, by phone.

Here is why: In the past, we have answered questions by e-mail and according to our experience, a written exchange can generate 3, 4 and even 5 e-mails while a telephone conversation enables us to settle a matter much more efficiently and to evaluate in a more precise way your tastes and needs.

Our goal is to guide you in the most simple way towards our line of products to determine which one will harmonize best with the equipment that you already own. For example, it is not necessarily the most expansive product of the range that will give you the best fitting with your components. It is amongst other things for this reason that we are recognized for our integrity. Moreover, please note that we do not believe at all in sale under pressure.

Therefore, to join us by phone, two possibilities are offered to you. You can either call us directly at 450.663.6137 or e-mail us your phone number and we will call you back at your convenience (time and date) and at our own expense anywhere in Canada or United States.

However, if you prefer the e-mail mode, we will answer you by the same way: Form

Best regards.

Bernard Brien, President.